Saturday, November 17, 2007

First Sock

I finished my first sock last weekend on the car ride up to Canada. A group of my friends and I went to Vancouver B.C. for three days to do some drinking and exploring. It was my first out of the country experience. I am indeed pleased, and have acquired a taste for Caramel Apple Martinis. Unfortunately I forgot to bring my camera, so I have no photographic evidence of the adventure. 
I managed to slip the sock onto his foot while he was taking a nap =) I think it turned out really well!
A successful heel turn. In the past week I've started the other sock, but haven't made a lot of progress. Work and two midterms will do that to you though. I did manage to finish a scarf I started on the drive back from Vancouver. Mohair and 50% wool 50% silk held together, knit in Stockinette Stitch on size 17's. A Christmas gift for Aaron's mother. I really want to keep it.
Yesterday, I made a life altering decision: I bought a MacBook. I have been a PC user all my life, but after all the problems I had with my Compaq Presario V2000 I really needed a change. I am completely in love, but a bit confused. It has taken me a ridiculous amount of time to write this entry (figuring out how to upload the images was quite an issue) I'll figure it out.

Friday, November 9, 2007


I tried the whole knitting blog thing about a year ago with little success. Recently, I've been looking at a lot of knit blogs and really enjoying them so I thought, why the hell not? and here I am, attempting my own once again.

A bit about me....
I'm 20 years old and a sophomore at the University of Washington in Seattle. I live with my boyfriend and 5 friends in a house near campus. Kitchen with two fridges = heaven. I'm a double major in Spanish and Business Administration. And of course, I have a passion for knitting.

Here is my most recently finished project

A baby sweater for my co-worker who just had a little girl a bit over a month ago.

A close up of the flower pattern on the front.

And  a close up of the lace at the bottom. Many apologies for the horrible photo quality. My camera isn't as spiffy as it was about 3 years ago....

I can't remember what book I got the pattern out of. And I used Lion Brand Wool-Ease to knit the thing up. Worked on size 7 needles.

My current WIP is a pair of wool socks for my boyfriend, Aaron. Here we are waiting at a train station in Vancouver, WA. He was staying with his father this past summer in Camas, so I took the train down every few weeks to visit him.

So the socks are Paton 100% wool in sort of a beige color (I don't know the actual name....lost the little slip of paper wrapped around the yarn.....) I'm just know beginning the heel. Nervous, it's my first pair of socks. But I think the whole thing will be simple enough.